Miniature Travel Candle Set





Available in 4 scents:



The scent is exotic,sweet,inspiring.Pikake blooms at night, capturing the wisdom and the mystery of the moonlight. Made of tiny flowers which emit a sweet heavenly fragrance. Favourite of Princess Kaiulani, she named the flower after the peacock who roamed her Waikiki gardens. Symbol of Royalty, trustworthiness in the Hawaiian Heritage.

Madagascar Vanilla, amber, jasmine, bergamot, coriander


The Pearl


Intensely fragrant, the Pearl inspires a sensual trail, the evocation of enthralling mountains, of the extraordinary plumeria tree and an unforgettable scent of Ylang Ylang rustling around a stretch of white sandy beach.

Madagascar Vanilla, balsam, azucena, frangipani, magnolia, neroli




Sensual, exotic voyage, a bountiful harvest of luscious vanilla, the scent is enfold with a heavenly floral bouquet enriched with divine silky sweet and astringent citrus notes. A whisper of voluptuousness, a memorable and captivating scent.

Myrrh, Madagascar Vanilla, jasmine, bergamot


The Blue Note


The Blue Note has a unique quality, reminiscent of autumnal leaves, immediate crispness melds into transparency underscored by a subtle floral note and a touch of verdant foliage. The vision of water  is always present.

Orinoko Kumaru, saffran crocus





Pronounced "Tiou-po", a French Polynesian village. Crispiness of the Jasmin is enveloped by the luxurious Frangipani lying on sandalwood and Pepper from Comoros. Uniquely Harmonious, the perfume gives way readily to pleasure. Suavely irresistible.

Comoros Pepper, frangipani, Kununurru Sandalwood





A warm dusty wind, sun blazing, a seductive journey through the coast of Africa.Surprising in harmony, the sweet sandalwood notes with a real softness, combined with bergamot and jasmine is truly captivating. The scent is enveloped with a spicy floral touch. So utterly unexpected.

Kununurru Sandalwood, jasmine, bergamot